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Tina Hobson grew up in the projects of the inner city of East St. Louis Illinois. She was blessed with a very strong, loving and determined mother, the late Thelma Pickett for 41 beautiful years. Its through the grace of God and because of her mother, she has become the woman she is today.


Growing up, Tina had a very strong foundation being that she is the baby girl of a family of 7, where all were raised up in church that gave her the Christian outlook. Tina married to the love of her life Mr. Ryan Hobson, Sr. and she's also the loving mother of 6 boys and 3 girls. That foundation of strength has been a huge part of carrying Tina through life. During her grade school years she was very successful in every sport she played from basketball, volleyball, track & cross country. Sports was her way of leaning on Gods word Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". At Garfield Elementary Tina was diagnosed with vitiligo at the young age of 8. This became a pretty scary and difficult time in her life being that she was so young and didn't quite understand her condition at the time. Tina began to notice disfiguring white patches rapidly appearing on her hands and feet. Not to mention, she, nor any of her family and peers had ever saw or heard of anyone with this skin disorder. It made her feel as though she was different, which indeed she was. Tina's skin disorder "Vitiligo" has been a great characteristic strength in her life. Allowing her to go through life and see things in a different perspective than others.

For over 20 years Tina walked around with Vitiligo without seeing a single person looking like herself, with the exception of her male doctor at the time who originally diagnosed her. She continuously asked God on several occasions to show her just one person that looked more like her. After many years of enduring many stares, glares, whispers, finger pointing and harsh comments she always said to herself, she wouldn't wish her condition on anyone, just for the simple fact not everyone can endure what she has been through, over the course of her life. 


Tina soon learned within herself of just how different and gifted she truly was. One gift in particular was hearing the voice of God speaking to her. God began speaking to her immediately after her diagnosis and quote , "I'm going to use you as an example to the world". As a child she thought of this as something bad, she thought of it as God was punishing her. She soon referred to Proverbs 3:5 "trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding". Growing older and wiser, she began to get a clear eyed view on just what God was saying to her, in Corithians 13:11 "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man I put away childish things." Tina made a conscious decision at a very young age, which was to put her trust in God. She knew she would be the strong woman she was created to be. Also to be the best at everything she sought out to do in life and nothing less. Realizing, accepting, and knowing what God had chosen for her journey and purpose in life she began to see and love herself as God saw and loved her in his eyes. From that point forward , Tina has embraced Vitiligo to the fullest. While walking in her purpose she have now taken her journey to travel around the world to empower young girls & women of all walks of life as well as to motivate, inspire, uplift and be an encouragement to others to know it’s OK TO BE WHO YOU ARE.


It's God's Glory .... Just My Story!


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Public Speaker, Motivator, Inspirational, Model, Actress & Entrepreneur

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